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Choose a picture, below, and write or tell a short story about it.
Include in your story the name and age of the person or animal in the picture, as well as where the story is taking place.
For a longer story, include more information. Here are some questions to start you thinking:
Where does this person or animal live? What does he or she like to do most? What scary thing happened? What happy thing happened? What funny thing happened? Invent a problem and describe how it was solved.

night heron in tree     girl and boy walking     woman weaving     girl and boy happy



Sit in a circle or at a table so each person can take a turn, one after the other.
Someone starts telling a story (who, what, where). It can be based on a memory or a picture, just to get the story off the ground. As something exciting starts to happen, the storyteller stops talking in mid-sentence and lets the next person pick up where the last storyteller left off. (Maybe a boat begins to leak when suddenly…, or the branch gives way and suddenly…    Each person adds to the storyline and passes it on to the next person in turn. This can become quite hilarious as imaginations spin the story into a tall and unexpected tale.



1 C raw almonds and walnuts (use either, or a mix of both)
1 C pitted mejool dates
2 scoops Mila or whole chia seeds
2 t orange zest (use a microplane zester or other fine grater to grate fresh orange skin)
Optional spices to dust on the balls: 1/2t cardamon mixed with 1t coriander, or equal parts cocoa and cinnamon

Using a food processor, blend almonds, dates, & orange zest into a coarse meal.
Add Mila or whole chia seeds and mix well.
Form into 1” diameter balls by rolling a spoonful (about 1T) of mixture between your palms.
These munchkins taste great as they are, but if you’re feeling adventuresome, play with spice! Sprinkle the ground spices onto a plate and roll each ball lightly in the mixture. Yum!
mili's mila-seed munchkins
Serve, refrigerate, or freeze for future snacks. Makes 20-24 balls.

Option: flatten balls slightly and press one or two goji berries into each one (shown on left)




Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food?  Well now’s your big chance!  Gather some brightly colored fruits and vegetables and arrange them in pleasing patterns on a plate. Here are two ‘food flower’ ideas to get you started. Foods in the first picture: 4 halved grape tomatoes, one carrot slice, 2 sprigs cilantro, red onion slivers. Foods in the second picture: 3 quartered grape tomatoes, 3 yellow pepper pieces, 3 cilantro stems and 6 basil leaves.

Don’t forget to eat them when you’re done!

foodFlowers1     FoodFlowers2

Want to make snacks that are so colorful they almost jump off the plate? Try boiling some sweet potatoes and mashing them to form small balls. Yellow, orange, and purple-fleshed sweet potatoes are found in most stores. Wash them and boil them in a pot of water until soft. Then peel off the skin and mash the flesh of each potato with a fork. Use a separate bowl or plate for each color of potato.  Make a few small balls by rolling a spoonful of mashed potato between the palms of your hands. You can use the remainder of the potato flesh to make balls of different colors by adding mashed foods (like frozen blueberries or parsley)  and juices (like beet juice or cherry juice) to create other colors. You will be amazed at the colors you can make!

sweet potato color balls

Stars & hearts

To see which ingredients I used to make each of these colors, scroll under the blog menu to “Sweet Potato Possibilities,” 9-27-2014.